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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Section 1: General Information
1.1. What is HLeBroking?
1.2. Who am I trading with?
1.3. Which markets can I trade in?
1.4. Who can apply for HLeBroking?
1.5. Can I access HLeBroking from overseas?
1.6. Can a corporate client apply for HLeBroking
Section 2: Account Opening
2.1. Am I required to open a CDS account to facilitate HLeBroking trading?
2.2. Can I register with HLeBroking if I already have an account with another stockbroking firm?
2.3. Can I link my CDS account from another stockbroking firm to HLeBroking?
2.4. Can I transfer my shares out from HLG Nominee A/C to other CDS account?
2.5. What are the HLeBroking trading account opening procedure?
2.6. What should I do if I do not print out my application form immediately after signing up?
2.7. Do I need a witness for signing the documents?
2.8. How soon can I trade?
2.9. Do I need to place any minimum deposit?
2.10. Will my deposit earn interest?
2.11. Do I need to furnish a valid email address?
2.12. How do I update my personal particulars?
2.13. Can I open a joint account for online trading?
2.14. What are the charges for opening of a trading account?
Section 3: Online Trading
3.1. When can I submit an order?
3.2. How do I place a buy/sell order?
3.3. How does online trading work?
3.4. How can I check the status of my order?
3.5. What should I do if I make a wrong trade?
3.6. Can I reduce or cancel my order?
3.7. Can I amend the buying and selling price?
3.8. My Order Status screen is not updated. Is HLeBroking going to compensate for my loss?
3.9. How can I trade if the system is down?
3.10. Are the orders that I placed good for the day?
3.11. What is the status of my orders at the end of day trading session?
3.12. Can I create my favourite stock watch list?
3.13. What will be the trading limit given to me?
3.14. What is my trading multiple?
3.15. What is the basis of valuing shares collateral?
Section 4: Settlement and Payment
4.1. Do I need to have a bank account?
4.2. Will I receive any contract note?
4.3. When are my trades due for settlement?
4.4. How do I settle my trades done through HLeBroking?
4.5. How to fill in the bank-in-slip?
4.6. Can I choose to settle part and not all my due contracts?
4.7. What will happen if my due contracts is not settled?
4.8. When do I get my contra gains and when do I need to pay for my contra losses?
4.9. How can I confirm that my due contracts are settled?
Section 5: Cash and Shares Withdrawal
5.1. Can I transfer my shares from other securities house to HLeBroking and vice-versa?
5.2. Are there any charges for the transfer of shares?
5.3. How can I transfer my shares out from HLeBroking?
5.4. How do I withdraw my gains?
Section 6: Corporate Actions
6.1. How do I receive my dividend payment?
6.2. How do I make payment to subscribe for the rights issues?
6.3. When is the latest for subscribing and splitting of rights issue?
6.4. What if I fail to notify my instructions by the cut off time?
6.5. Do I need to deliver the PAL form to the Registrar?
6.6. Will I be informed on the bonus issue of a particular counter?
6.7. How do I appoint a proxy to vote in the AGM or EGM?
6.8. Will I be informed on my latest position and shareholdings?
6.9. What are the charges for corporate action?
Section 7: My Account
7.1. What is My Account?
7.2. What information can I get from 'Transactions'?
7.3. How far back are the historical records kept?
7.4. Can another client view my trading information?
7.5. How reliable is the information?
7.6. Can I check my stock balances?
Section 8: My Portfolio
8.1. What is My Portfolio?
8.2. What is the functionality?
8.3. In portfolio inquiry/summary, what do 'Qty' and '*Qty' mean?
8.4. How do I enter the cost for my free balance?
8.5. How do I change the cost for my free balance with known cost?
8.6. How do I search for a particular stock?
8.7. I transferred out 1000 shares from my original free balance of 1 lot yesterday, but the system still shows I have 1000 shares in free balance available today (T+1). Why?
8.8. I sold 1000 shares yesterday, but my free balance is not reduced today. Why?
8.9. I bought 1000 shares yesterday, but my free balance is not increased today. Why?
8.10. When I made payment for pick up of the purchased shares on T+3, why doesn't the system indicate immediately that the free balance is increased?
8.11. I purchase 1000 shares two days ago, and have made full payment yesterday, why doesn't the system increase my free balance on T+2?
8.12. Does the potential gain/loss computation takes into account of the brokerage and other charges as additional expenses?
8.13. Is the market price displayed in My Portfolio updated on a real-time basis?
Section 9: Troubleshooting
9.1. What should I do if I encounter problem?
Section 10: System Requirement
10.1. What are the system requirements for me to use HLeBroking?