Margin Financing

We help you to respond to investment opportunities. Share margin financing is a credit facility granted to individuals and corporate clients for the sole purpose of financing clients' purchase of shares listed in the Bursa Malaysia. To enjoy this facility you will need to deposit collateral in the form of cash and/or shares traded on Bursa Malaysia.

Margin Financing
  • Multiply Your Investment Ability
    Up to a maximum of 2.5 times against cash & up to a maximum of 1.5 times against shares
  • High Margin of Financing
    Up to 60% margin of financing
  • Flexible repayment
    No fixed schedule of repayment is required provided there is no margin call on the facility. Interest on outstanding balance is capitalized on a monthly basis.
  • Zero Moving Cost*
  • Earn Interest on Your Credit balance**
  • Stamping Fees Reimbursement**

* Subject to management discretion and minimum number of shares per counter.
** Terms and conditions apply.